What aspects of your start-up or small business are keeping you awake at night?


Katie Finch - the lawyer for your small business

When you run your own business, like I do, you rely on yourself to make the magic happen. It's exciting and challenging to be on this great journey. There's so much you can do to progress your business, it can be hard to know where to start. 

Having a trusted legal advisor on your side can make all the difference to the smooth running of your business. From setting your business up correctly in the first place, to ironing out the creases in a business that's taken on a life of its own. 

Perhaps you’re kept awake at night by one or more of these thoughts

The nagging feeling your business isn’t as secure as it could be (its data, its ideas, its future)

You need someone to trust with your confidential business worries – but everyone expects you to be nothing but positive about your new business

The perfectionist in you that desperately wants to get to the bottom of every aspect of your business (products, policies, regulations, contracts)

You're feeling too broke to get the advice you need to progress

You have a great idea for a business that you can’t seem to bring into reality

There's been an early hiccup in operations, personnel or planning

Katie Finch, Principal Solicitor

Katie Finch, Principal Solicitor

Let's chat about your business

Whether this is your first venture or tenth business project, I want to hear your story. 

Tell me about your business, your successes, your worries, how you got here, and where you aim to be next year.

I can help get your legal concerns into perspective, iron out any creases, and you can focus back on your business with confidence.


Find out more about me, and why I’m proud to be a different breed of lawyer.